Put-in-Bay Island Guide

Put-in-Bay Island Guide

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Use this Put-in-Bay Island Guide website to find places to stay and places to shop. Or find places to eat, places to party, places to hold a meeting, and places to get married. We can help you find the perfect Put-in-Bay cottage or summer home, hotel or resort, or condo. No matter if you want to be on one of the Lake Erie Bass Islands or the shores of Port Clinton, Ohio. Planning a weekend outdoors? We have a full list of attractions on Putinbay.

Ohio's summer vacation hot spot is here in the Lake Erie Islands. We also are a popular location for Put-in-Bay Bachelorette Parties. The island has played host as an Ohio vacation getaway for couples, singles, families, and business retreats for over a century. It is just one of the many Lake Erie Island Travel Spots. We hope to see you soon at the Bay!

Before you visit the island, you can print out our 13-page Island Guide and bring it with you so you know where all the recommended Lodging, Dining, Entertainment, Shopping, and Attractions are located. As a value-added bonus, we are also including the Jet Express schedule for Port Clinton departures! It is just a click away! (click here)

Put-in-Bay, Ohio... A refreshing break from daily life.